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Vision and Mission


To be recognized as an innovator in translational health and clinical research, we will:

  • Accelerate discovery and applied research afforded by an expanding range of animal models, generating broader and deeper collaboration between veterinary and human clinicians and researchers across the sector.
  • Provide infrastructure, industry and clinical support, and strategic partnerships with existing institutes within the U of G through a focus on translational veterinary clinical trials


To facilitate high-quality translational and clinical research for the benefit of veterinary and human medicine by stimulating discovery, innovation, learning, and engagement.


Research and Entrepreneurship

Facilitate high-quality, translational and clinical health research, funded by institutional, private, and public sector partners, acting as an industry liaison to foster an “open for business” innovation culture.


Provide unique educational opportunities for highly qualified personnel (HQP) that prepares them for career opportunities in basic, translational, and clinical research and that provides opportunities to grow diversity in the biomedical research sector.


Increase collaboration and information sharing between basic and clinical researchers at the U of G, between researchers and clinicians at other institutions, and with private sector partners.


Adopt an institute governance model that is accountable and empowers faculty, staff, and students to develop and operationalize strategies to maximize impact, effectiveness, and generate efficiencies in the translational and clinical research process.


Advocate for and contribute to the planning, acquisition, maintenance, and equitable use of existing and future core infrastructure and service investments in support of translational health research. Provide support for veterinary clinical trials across the various translational health disciplines.

Communication and Outreach

Enhance U of G’s profile in our biomedical research ecosystem by providing an intuitive portal to translational health research at U of G, by broadly and publicly communicating our research and training capacity and successes, by promoting science and One Health literacy in our community, and through recognition of the excellence of our researchers and academic programs.